FC Barcelona Academy Canada



All 6 of the Barça Academies offer five training programs:

  1. Pre Academy
  2. Goalkeeper
  3. Tecnificacio
  4. Escola
  5. High Performance

The training and competition gear includes the following items :

  • 2 full Barça Academy Nike kits (one in red and one in blue). Each kit includes jersey, shorts and socks
  • Barça Academy Nike jacket
  • Barça Academy Nike backpack
  • Barça Academy long pants
  • Barça Academy long sleeve midlayer
  • One Barça Academy NIKE Beanie
  • NEW PLAYERS: A $20 deposit is required to pre-register, this $20 will be credited towards the final registration
  • RETURNING PLAYERS: they are not required to pre-register, they will have priority of registration for the upcoming season
  • Players that are attending the Summer camps are not required to attend a tryout as coaches will be assessing players interested in joining the Academy.


  • Registration is still open and we will apply a prorated fee based on the number of weeks that the participant will be  attending.

Payment method

  • Credit card

Discounts and payment plan

  • There is a 10% discount included in the lump sum payment option
  • Sibling discounts: 10% on the second child and successive children
  • We offer a monthly instalment plan in all the programs although note that the commitment is for the whole season

Refunds of pre-registration fees

  • If our Technical Director determines that the program is not suited for the assessed player we will refund the pre-registration fee
  • If the family decides – after the player has been accepted – to withdraw the player, we will retain $20 as administration fee
  • If a player registers and later decides to cancel before the start of the program there will be a cancellation fee of $350
  • The ratio is 1-Barça Academy Coach per 12 players and all of them will be supervised by the Barça Academy Technical Director and the Assistant Technical Director



  • A selection of players from the Barça Academy in Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa will represent Canada in the Barça Academy International Tournament that takes place in Barcelona every Easter. This Tournament gathers almost 1,000 players from our 20 Escolas around the world.

Please send us an email to info@fcbcanada.com an we will contact you shortly