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The Barça Academy Vancouver is the first FC Barcelona Academy in Canada. Its aim is to teach Canadian players the basic concepts of soccer in line with the FC Barcelona methodology.

All aspects of our academy, including the technical development, coaching staff, training routines, and personal growth will be aligned with the FC Barcelona methodology which has brought so much success to the club in the recent years. The players will train under the same vision, mission and focus as the club’s youth teams. The FC Barcelona philosophy will be implemented on all the features of our program.Bringing this academy to Vancouver is a milestone in the ever growing soccer culture present in the country and we hope to contribute to the development of the sport by introducing players to our particular style of play which has become an essential piece of the club’s identity.

Our aim is to teach the players the concepts of soccer encompassed in the FC Barcelona methodology in order for them to be able to deal successfully with sporting challenges in the future, while also transmitting the values that are so representative of FC Barcelona such as tolerance, respect, solidarity, friendship, fair play, integration, commitment, effort and happiness.


Our development will empower them to successfully overcome future sporting challenges while simultaneously instilling the personal values which are so representative of FC Barcelona such as tolerance, respect, solidarity, friendship, fair play, integration, effort and happiness.



Oriol Gutés

Project Director - FC Barcelona

Oriol Gutés has been the Project Director of Barça Academy in Vancouver since January 2018.

He was born in Barcelona and has been coaching for more than 10 years in local clubs around Barcelona. 

In 2016 he joined FC Barcelona and Barça Academy as a coach and did several Camps around the world (Greece, Bulgaria, Japan, Macedonia, USA and Australia) and followed coach development courses from the club as “FCB Coaches Academy”.

He holds a Football Licence Level 2 and several certificates in general sports. Oriol graduated from a Bachelor degree in Sports Science and Physical Activity at the National Institute of Physical Education in Catalunya (INEFC).

Maxime Israel Collier

Project Manager - BCN Sports

Maxime Israel Collier joined Barça Academy Vancouver in September 2018 as Academy Manager. He was born in Belgium and moved to Vancouver in February 2017 and has been a coach in local clubs around Brussels for more than 5 years.

Prior his arrival to Vancouver he created his company and holds a Master in Sports Management at the Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam and a joint MBA degree in management and strategic innovation from Solvay Business School in Brussels and Ecole des Ponts in Paris. 


The programs are structured to ensure that every coach plays a close role in each player’s development and the training sessions encourage a high degree of participation. As a result each team is composed by a maximum of 12 players.

The Barça Academy Vancouver employs the same training methods used by the youth teams at the Club, which consist of a group of progressive and interrelated exercises, adapted to each training level or stage.