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Payment Information

Lump sum payment

Installment plan

Payment Dates: 18th of every month


Sibling discounts

10% on the second child and successive children



Cancellation Policy

If you choose to cancel your participation, we must first meet in person, receive written notice of said cancellation either via certified mail, overnight courier, or e-mail sent to (with confirmation of receipt from us), and you shall be subject to the following cancellation fee: In case of an physical injury suffered by the BARÇA ACADEMY PLAYER under the BARÇA ACADEMY PROGRAM schedule, he/she will then have to provide doctors documentation to submit a cancellation to the program. If a player misses an extended period of time due to illness or injury, we will be able to allow them to recover some of the time missed, provided they can show a valid doctor’s note (this policy will mean that players who miss 5 or more training’s will be allowed to make-up 60% of their missed time). If the BARÇA ACADEMY approves the cancellation, then player will not have to pay the upcoming payment instalments or receive a refund for the amount paid. If the player simply does not show up by any reason to the BARÇA ACADEMY program, there will be no refunds for the amount paid or equipment purchased by the player. You are signing up for the whole FCBESOLA program and agree to pay the full amount. Certification of Participants Health: By signing below and/or tendering any portion of the BARÇA ACADEMY to us, I certify that the participant does not have any condition or disability that would create a hazard for you or others participating in the BARÇA ACADEMY. I agree to inform you via certified mail or e-mail sent to (with confirmation of receipt thereof from you) at the time I tender my first payment of the BARÇA ACADEMY (or at such later time when I become aware of such a condition) of any existing physical or mental illness, disability or any other condition for which the participant may require medical attention or special accommodation during the BARÇA ACADEMY season. We make no guarantee to be able to accommodate the participant for such condition during the BARÇA ACADEMY, and we make no representations or warranties regarding special accommodations or handicap accessibility.